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Title: Physicochemical, microstructural and rheological characterization of tigernut (Cyperus esculentus) starch
Authors: Akonor, P. T.
Tortoe, C.
Oduro-Yeboah, C.
Saka, E. A.
Ewool, J.
Keywords: Physicochemical
Cyperus esculentus
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Hindawi
Citation: International Journal of Food Science, 2019, 1-7
Abstract: The aim of this study was to characterize the physicochemical properties of starch isolated from two varieties of tigernuts. The results showed wide variations between the two types of tigernuts. Mean granule sizes were 11.1 and 6.1 𝜇m, respectively, for starch from the yellow and black while amylose content ranged from 19 to 21%. Starch gels from the yellow variety were more stable to freeze-thaw and recorded 37.1% syneresis, compared to 56.5% after the first storage cycle. Pasting properties were significantly different (p < 0.05) among starch from the two tigernut varieties, with black recording higher peak viscosity, lower breakdown, and higher setback viscosity. Gels made from the yellow variety were clearer, softer, more adhesive, and more cohesive. Both gels showed a pseudoplastic flow behavior without thixotropy
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