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Title: Survey of mushroom consumption and the possible use of gamma irradiation for sterilization of compost for its cultivation in Southern Ghana
Authors: Kortei, N. K.
Odamtten, G. T.
Obodai, M.
Wiafe-Kwagyan, M.
Prempeh, J.
Keywords: Moist heat
Gamma radiation
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: BMC
Citation: Agriculture & Food Security, 7 (83), 1-7
Abstract: Background: Mushroom cultivation is increasingly becoming a serious agribusiness in Ghana, especially at the time when entrepreneurship is being encouraged to reduce the pressure of employment in the government sector and also due to its nutritional and medicinal attributes. Methods: A survey was carried out using the rapid appraisal method to review the existing methods of sterilization, use of gamma radiation in substrate sterilization and food preservation, preference of mushrooms in Ghana by consumers and nutritional and medicinal attributes of the mushroom. Results: The survey demonstrated the popularity of drum (moist heat) technique of sterilization in Ghana. Majority (64%) of the respondents were dissatisfied with the method of sterilization of compost and spawn substrate, while 36% indicated the method was alright by them. Majority (82%) of the respondents had never heard of sterilization of substrates for cultivation and its subsequent preservation of food or mushroom by gamma irradiation technique. All consumers (100%) desired to see their favorite mushroom produced all year round, and this constituted a significant (p < 0.05) viewpoint. Furthermore, a significant (p < 0.05) majority (90%) of the respondents were all for promotion of the consumption of mushroom, while a small percentage (10%) were noncommittal. Conclusion: Information and knowledge on the gamma irradiation technique for substrate production and consumption patterns of P.ostreatus mushrooms were not widely disseminated as anticipated
ISSN: 2048-7010
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